Watch Creeping Death's 'Wrecking Ball Metal Madness' Performance

Creeping Death Wrecking Ball Metal Madness

Thursday night 'Wrecking Ball Metal Madness' was an event, featuring Frozen Soul, Devourment, and our very own Creeping Death.

Click to watch the full 'Wrecking Ball Metal Madness' video, and watch Creeping Death perform 'Ripping Through Flesh,' 'Captivity,' and 'Bloodlust Contamination' from their latest album 'Wretched Illusions,' and the title track from their 'Specter of War' EP. 

Celebrate Creeping Death's performance with a 'Wrecking Ball Metal Madness' exclusive shirt, made especially for the event (we got 'Wretched Illusions shirts here, too).  

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