Shirt Sale: 15% off Avatar, High On Fire, Zakk Wylde + More Shirts


(Photo credit Josh Brasted Getty Images)

Halloween is around the corner and it’s basically Metal Christmas, so why not get yourself a brand new band shirt? With the promo code NOSHIRTPIKE get 15% off all the shirts below and in our store (ends 11/4/2020 at midnight EDT). 

Who doesn’t like an unsettling skull t-shirt this close to Halloween? High on Fire has a ghostly, melted, corroded one-eyed skull t-shirt that’s sure to heighten the eeriness all year round.


You can also get creepy this Halloween while rocking a Creeping Death album art short sleeve shirt with the haunting, desolate cover of the band’s debut album 'Wretched Illusions' on it including the band’s thrashing tracklist on the back.


If you happen to be the one metal head who wears white band shirts, you’re in luck. Creeping Death also has a short-sleeved white shirt with black paint drip text of the band’s name and their debut 'Wretched Illusions.' 


Washington deathcore band Enterprise Earth also has an album art shirt on sale from their 2019 release 'Luciferous' which has crushing tracks “Sleep Is for the Dead,” “He Exists,” and “The Failsafe Fallacy”.



Take it back to 1994 when guitarist Zakk Wylde released pride & glory with his band of the same name. Complete with a bald eagle on it, this shirt might be the one to wear if you’re hitting the polls, or you could just wear it while blasting “Losin’ Your Mind” while socially distancing with your friends.



Swedish metal act Avatar recently released their new album 'Hunter Gatherer,' including their album art shirt which you can also snag on its own. 


Old school Avatar fan? If so, you can relive their glorious 2012 release 'Black Waltz' with their album art shirt of Black Waltz featuring the face of the band’s charismatic and memorable Cheshire cat grinning singer Johannes Eckerström. 


Kirk Windstein may be known as a founding member of Crowbar and Down, but this year he released his solo LP 'Dream in Motion.' This blue album art shirt shows off all of the bearded goodness Kirk Windstein has to offer. 

Remember to use promo code NOSHIRTPIKE get 15% off all the shirts below and in our store (ends 11/4/2020 at midnight EDT).