From Kerrang: 

“We are a product of our time,” (Johannes Eckerström) sighs. “This year came out of the gates with the fires in Australia, into the COVID crisis, things blowing up… This year is a product of its own time. It would have been much nicer to have been wrong! It would have been nice to do an album that just gives you chills but you’re not living with it, like Terminator, but everything’s connected. 2020 didn’t just happen. It’s hard to see the patterns as they’re happening, but if you back up and read news headlines leading up to a big event, in hindsight all the signs were there. If you read newspapers from, like, 1910 to 1914, you’d see all the things leading up to World War One, before people at the time actually could. So, in that sense, if you put out an album that has the focus, or part of its focus, on this stuff, it’s not necessarily an accident. It’s a product of the times we live in.” 
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