FIVE THINGS You Need to Know for Thursday, Aug 19 2021


1ROLO TOMASSI joins the eOne Heavy family, and release their new single 'Cloaked.'

2. Creeping Death announced their new 'The Edge Of Existence' EP  - find out more here.

3. We recently signed Chicago-based thrash metal trio MISFIRE - more info here.

4. We partnered with Revolver to offer a new Black Label Society box set give away - check it out.

5. All metal CDs are $10, and ship free in the U.S. - click here to see all our CDs!

📢 QUOTE OF THE WEEK: "I’m always working on this," said Zakk Wylde in a recent interview with Classic Rock, when asked about new hot sauces, "my aim is to make your colon explode with what’s coming next."

🔊 SONG OF THE WEEK: We're excited to welcome ROLO TOMASSI to the eOne Heavy roster - crank their brand new single 'Cloaked' all weekend long here

💥 VINYL OF THE WEEK: Creeping Death's 'The Edge of Existence' on two vinyl variants- check them out here.

🖤 TOP 5 TRACKS WE LOVE THIS WEEKPortrayal of Guilt, Kowloon Walled City, Hoaxed, The Silver, and Every Time I Die - listen here on Spotify!

📺 VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Brand new one from Creeping Death for the title track of their new EP, 'The Edge of Existence.' Watch it here.