Brutal Deathcore Practitioners Unveil “King Of The Rats” Single

"I wrote this song mainly about how people act high and mighty, talk a ton of negativity and trash, but are essentially not as holier than thou as they present themselves," says BODYSNATCHER vocalist Kyle Medina, "not only that but these people tend to associate themselves with others who are similar in this aspect. Hence the name 'King Of The Rats.' Not necessarily about someone directly, but more so if the shoe fits, wear it."

'King of The Rats' follows BODYSNATCHER's 'Break The Cycle' seven-inch, issued late last month. The limited edition seven-inch includes the aforementioned rendition of Hatebreed crusher 'Smash Your Enemies' and comes in two color variants: olive green and coke bottle clear. 

Order BODYSNATCHER's 'Break The Cycle' seven-inches here.